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...of death, 1905, a trillion barnacle lapse, aesop rock, after school knife fight, amanda woodward, ampere, an albatross, atmosphere, being hot, belle and sebastian, black dice, black eyes, blackalicious, blackstar, bright calm blue, bright eyes, butt seckz, can, cannibal ox, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, cowboys became folk heroes, crime in choir, curtis blow, death of anna karina, denali, desaparecidos, desert city soundtrack, dj shadow, dot flash line, ex models, fall on deaf years, gang starr, godspeed you! black emperor, hassan i sabbah, helen of troy, hella, horse the band, hot hot heat, howtobeatadeadhorse, i robot, indian summer, iwouldsetmyselfonfireforyou, japanther, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, jr ewing, kite flying society, kodan armada, labradford, lcd soundsystem, les savy fav, lightning bolt, love like...electrocution, manitoba, mates of state, minus the bear, mirah, missy elliott, mogwai, montcalm, mos def, murder by death, nas, neil perry, neu, noxagt, oh you skeleton, on!air!library!, orchid, outkast, panthers, pink and brown, portrait, portraits of past, q and not u, querencia, quintron, racebannon, rainer maria, rapider than horsepower, reversal of man, rilo kiley, saetia, sage francis, scene, scene everything, scene points, sean na na, sex, shenotesthechariots, sick lipstick, since by man, sole, song of zarathustra, stop it!!, tahiti 80, talib kweli, the blood brothers, the blood orange, the books, the dismemberment plan, the flying worker, the gloria record, the juan maclean, the microphones, the now, the one am radio, the pine, the red hot valentines, the saddest landscape, the xyz affair, there were wires, transistor transistor, tunesforbearstodanceto, usaisamonster, usurp synapse, van johnson, welcome the plague year, what's yr damage?, wolf eyes, wolves, xvpopdmx, yo la tengo, you and i