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Name: James

Sex: Female

20 Favorite bands: the cure, give up the ghost, theplottoblowuptheeiffeltower, the yeah yeah yeahs, cursive, converge, the blood brothers, daughters, the rise, at all cost, fairweather, the faint, skycamefalling, city of caterpillar, le shok, le tigre, the mars volta, yesterdays rising, an albatross, the bled

Sexual Preference: guys.

What makes you so fucking cool? tell us anything: this is actually one of my many attempts to PROVE im cool. but umm, i saw jesus get stuck in those sliding doors at the mall once.

Two or more pictures of YOURSELF:
....the only ones on my computer, blurry, horrible, but i'll have more later. k thanks. <3

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le tigre!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good.
and the yeah yeah yeahs, cursive, fairweather,and the faint!


i love le tigre.
i saw fairweather not to long ago.
i got to sing on stage with them.
it was AMAZING.
You have an interesting name. I have a friend named Jameson, but he's a boy.

well my real name is jaimeson.
everyone calls me james or jaime.
Don't feel crappy, I have a crush on you.

Your music is so good.



thannnk yoouuuu!! ! !

oh well i didn't see before that you had a crush on me.
hmmm. am i that pretty?
well shucks!
Would I lie about a pretty girl?

hopefully not.
i wouldn't lie about a cute boy.
It's funny because you don't know what I look like.

Unless you stalk me.
and I'm adding you

added back.

i didn't say i knew what you looked like.
mhm. yeah.
converge, city of caterpillar, blood brothers, rock and roll. that jesus thing was funny. you're pictures are cool.


thank you.
and well i did see jesus at the mall.
i only speak the truth.
i only like 5 of the 20 bands. and i can barely see your face. no.

hmmm. i'll post face pictures this weekend.
i just got a new digital camera.
sorry, bud.
<3s though.
I like The Cure and I like Daughters. I like some other bands as well. I can't see your face too well but you look cute. I'll give you a yes.

thank you.
i'm taking new pictures tonight, doll.